Bernadette Balla is an ambitious and spiritually focused young woman who lives and works in the eclectic hub of San Francisco.
She started in the position of quality assurance manager at Silicon Valley start-up Twitch in 2009. Twitch is the world’s leading streaming video and gaming platform, a recent unicorn, having been acquired by Amazon two years ago for just under a billion dollars.

Over the last few years Bernadette has dedicated herself to the evolution of an authentic and spiritual approach to her life, one she now integrates seamlessly into her career in the tech world. She firmly believes in the power of positive thinking and the importance of savouring every moment you experience in life.

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★ I have explored practical methods to achieve this drawing on my fascination with the way science and spirituality interrelate to create a new way of approaching life!
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I decluttered my space, my life and this is how i did it.

Whenever it is you are reading this, it is never the perfect time to start fresh. Perhaps you want to make lasting changes in your lifestyle, the way you think and live your life but you don’t know where to begin.  Clearing out the unwanted items from your physical surroundings is actually a deeply affective place to start, with the power to  transform not only your living space but your entire life.

This is how I live minimally in my studio apartment in San Francisco, California.

My tips are simple and will set you on the right path to a clutter-free home and a clearer mind.

How to get started. Take a look around your living space and consider how many of your belongings are just taking up physical and emotional space, without contributing much more. Assess what you have accumulated and visualise how you would like your home if it were not so cluttered with the old.

Mental Clutter is Material Clutter. If you’re feeling frustrated or stuck by repetitive negative patterns in your life, don’t underestimate how connected the mental and the material are. Our living environments are a reflection of what is going on in our minds. Something as seemingly underwhelming as throwing out old objects, clothes, books and unwanted knick knacks can literally change the way you view your life.

A Quick Hack to Happiness. The change of space and the visual impact of reducing clutter produces a shift in perception. The connection between where we live and our frame of mind is crucial. Think about it, do you want to come home to a place of scattered, crowded energy or a soothing, open space that ignites creativity and positive thoughts? You don’t have to throw out all your beloved items, there is always a place for the things you cherish, the idea is to create a coherent space of belongings that you love, those that uplift and enhance the positive energy of your home.

Digital Declutter. Don’t stop at clothes and books, extend the purge to your digital belongings. We’ve all got a drawer somewhere stuffed with old cell phones, batteries, chargers and cords. Even our laptops, iPads and phones are bursting with folders of unwanted photos and downloads. Get organized by deleting and moving files, uploading storage to the cloud and making sure you know exactly where to find things when you need to. Clearing your digital desk top of downloads and useless files will give you renewed inspiration when you sit down to a task as well as improving the productivity of your device.

Face Your Fears. What are you afraid of releasing emotionally as you throw out items? Ask yourself if there are things you are clinging to because of sentimental reasons? Old letters, photographs and souvenirs are the big culprits here. A decluttering session can take twice as long as you get caught up in nostalgia and the personal value of things. The focus here should be whether or not you can let go of an object and still hold onto the memory? Do you really need to keep those love letters from your ex? Or can you find a release in the letting go? It is challenging to face these fears, but ultimately clearing the old is accompanied by a rush of excitement, as it makes way for the new.

Focus Your Mind. Once you begin on your decluttering mission it won’t be long before you realize the positive effects. Knowing exactly what you have in your wardrobe makes decisions much easier when choosing what to wear or shopping for something new. Life gets simplified in all areas. It’s as though your mind has found a clearer focus that extends way beyond the task of clearing your space and into the rest of your life.

Be a Positive Influence. You’ll be surprised just how much of an impact your decluttering will have on the other people in your life to make their own changes. Once you have created your ideal living space, hold a gathering to show off your hard work. Your friends and loved ones will delight and compliment you on your achievements, finding inspiration to tackle their own clutter. We all live such busy lives it’s so easy to let years go by without every really making lasting changes. The effortless flow of order that you accomplish with your organized space will be apparent in the positive energy that it radiates.

Minimalist living is an amazing way to rehaul your home and your life. It’s not just about trying to be an organized person, you will witness incredible transformations as your old perceptions change and a fresh approach to life opens up. The accumulated energy of chaotic clutter extends into our minds and lives. It is so important to make your home a luminous sanctuary that reflects the peace and calm you deserve!

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★ I have explored practical methods to achieve this drawing on my fascination with the way science and spirituality interrelate to create a new way of approaching life!