Bernadette Balla is an ambitious and spiritually focused young woman who lives and works in the eclectic hub of San Francisco.
She started in the position of quality assurance manager at Silicon Valley start-up Twitch in 2009. Twitch is the world’s leading streaming video and gaming platform, a recent unicorn, having been acquired by Amazon two years ago for just under a billion dollars.

Over the last few years Bernadette has dedicated herself to the evolution of an authentic and spiritual approach to her life, one she now integrates seamlessly into her career in the tech world. She firmly believes in the power of positive thinking and the importance of savouring every moment you experience in life.

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★ I have explored practical methods to achieve this drawing on my fascination with the way science and spirituality interrelate to create a new way of approaching life!
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We’re talking about your brain.
Come achieve inner peace with me

Imagine every single thing, every thought and action, every decision that is a part of your life and makes you so unique and special. 

And consider one more fact. Your brain doesn’t even control all of the aspects of your being consciously... It does far more work unconsciously. Perhaps we can call this phenomenon the difference between the brain and the mind. Try to imagine the brain as the “hardware” and the mind as the “software”. The hardware – the brain, is merely an embodiment of our thoughts, desires, potentials, ambitions and every other aspect that makes each of us an individual. You can see it, you can even feel it. But, you cannot touch or feel your mind. Nevertheless, you know it’s there.

We can agree that every computer, regardless of its size, processor, operating system and other details is programmed to do something. It is utterly useless if it lacks programming! And programming is nothing more, and nothing less than a list of commands by which it operates.

Guess what? Your mind is no different than this. It operates under strict rules and “programs” which are triggered in certain situations and under certain conditions. If any of the two changes, the context also changes, hence leading to a different outcome.

The program tells the computer what to do and how to do it. The hardware cannot do much without the software. And, like any other software, your mind did not come to existence on its own. It is a product of the people you know, situations you were in, and circumstances you came across…to put it shortly, it is a consequence of all the influences you were exposed to, consciously or unconsciously. They are the fabric of what you are.

Remember when we previously said that the brain does far more work unconsciously? That was the bad news. The good news is – you can reach deeper and grasp how your mind works! Once you discover its unconscious mechanisms, you make them conscious therefore – something you can control and guide. That’s where NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) comes in.

We can describe NLP as an integrated approach to communication, psychotherapy and personal development with the main goal of identifying the “bugs” in our software and fixing them. Or, better yet, improving the software so much, that it can actually identify the “bugs” itself, become aware of them and choose not to use them.

Imagine the number of mistakes you have made during your lifetime because you reacted instinctively? You did not choose to act the way you did, you were conditioned to by your subconscious.

NLP is a way to help you get rid of instinctive behavior, become more aware of the underlying mechanisms of the mind and “upgrade” them when necessary. Once doing so, you choose your actions (and reactions) and become a more active participant of your own life.

NLP is not here to fix you, because there is nothing broken about you. NLP is here to help you re-gain control of your own future through self-empowerment and self-fulfillment. The phrase “practice what you preach” is taken literally in NLP. Since the 1970’s when it came to existence, it keeps changing and upgrading. Yes, NLP advocates for self-empowerment and self-fulfillment, but unlike a number of other approaches, it is also a subject to the same principles. NLP is in a constant process of “upgrading”.

NLP is all about excellence. Excellence you can achieve if you put your mind to it, literally. It is not a set of rules and dogmas you must follow to become successful, or popular. Most of all, it is not a set of rules of how to become someone else. It is merely a tool to help you discover yourself, both your strengths and weaknesses, thus helping you – help yourself.

To rephrase a scene from the 1999 movie “Matrix”: NLP can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it.

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★ I have explored practical methods to achieve this drawing on my fascination with the way science and spirituality interrelate to create a new way of approaching life!