Bernadette Balla is an ambitious and spiritually focused young woman who lives and works in the eclectic hub of San Francisco.
She started in the position of quality assurance manager at Silicon Valley start-up Twitch in 2009. Twitch is the world’s leading streaming video and gaming platform, a recent unicorn, having been acquired by Amazon two years ago for just under a billion dollars.

Over the last few years Bernadette has dedicated herself to the evolution of an authentic and spiritual approach to her life, one she now integrates seamlessly into her career in the tech world. She firmly believes in the power of positive thinking and the importance of savouring every moment you experience in life.

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★ I have explored practical methods to achieve this drawing on my fascination with the way science and spirituality interrelate to create a new way of approaching life!
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How to stop thinking unwanted thoughts


I live my life pretty much thinking I will never get to place where I am able to tame my inner voice. You know what I'm talking about, the inner voice in your head. My inner voice won't shut up.  My inner voice talks to me negatively.
I need to have some peace from that verbal thoughts in my head. I started to notice the negativity self talk, from then on, I built on a series of experiences that will allow me to "detach" from the constant stream of consciousness so I can experience more moments of happiness than unhappiness.

It's simple and here is what worked for me:

1. I change myself mentally.

Becoming very aware of thought patterns that do not serve me, is the first step. I catch myself every time a thought spirals into a negative place . When you make this a habit, it will become natural and in time, it will be the default in your brain. I automatically catch myself saying stupid things to myself :

  • if i left my house earlier, i wouldn't have missed the bus. ( well, i missed the bus, okay let's move on)
  • i hate myself for loving him ( ahah! i caught myself, i'll be good to myself)

The world is full of drama and confusion. I realized that my negative childhood programming had left me with low self esteem and some deeply entrenched habits.  I made the decision to change my perceptions and consequently my beliefs. It does take practice and effort. Self talk technique is entirely possible as long as you commit to the process.

2.  I  chose acceptance over struggle to make it through a difficult period.

Funny enough that when I chose acceptance over struggle, I instantly felt a sense of deep peace. I wasted a lot of time trying to control things that are outside of myself. When i realized that the only thing i can only control is me, the faster peace will come. We are often all involved in a constant battle with relationships, money or health issues. I discovered a tremendous sense of release when I decided to not allow my mood or state of mind to be dictated by what another person is or isn’t doing, or how a circumstance is unfolding. Strengthening your connection to yourself is the ultimate empowerment, whatever is happening on the outside. My "what ifs" became less frequent and my mind calm.

3. I keep my muscular system and posture healthy.

I don't feel guilty indulging in regular massages anymore. I honor my muscles and my body, they deal with so much bullshit from our external environments. Often we experience imbalance in our lives because of the disharmony of internal factors in our bodies.

Maintaining a healthy posture activates the anti-gravity muscle in our autonomic nervous systems .

Astrand and Rodahl (1970), in their discussion of the reflex activities of the anti-gravity muscles which maintain our upright posture, note that it is probably the most important relay center involve in this unconscious activity. They state that feeling of happiness, alertness or attention will increase the general gamma 2 fiber activity, whereas opposite types of feelings will decrease it. "In this way the very noticeable relationship between an individual's mood and posture may be explained." (p. 100)
This type of relationship would explain why it is 50 easy to get "stuck" in a mood or posture. For example, a depressed person who is walking around all hunched over and withdrawn is actually perpetuating those feelings and postures due to the impinging proprioceptive impulses on the posterior hypothalamus.

If you want to know more about the emotions and muscular system, check out Douglas J. Tataryn 's "Emotions, Muscles and the Cortex: A Physiological Basis for Repression " full research for free here.

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★ I have explored practical methods to achieve this drawing on my fascination with the way science and spirituality interrelate to create a new way of approaching life!