Bernadette Balla is an ambitious and spiritually focused young woman who lives and works in the eclectic hub of San Francisco.
She started in the position of quality assurance manager at Silicon Valley start-up Twitch in 2009. Twitch is the world’s leading streaming video and gaming platform, a recent unicorn, having been acquired by Amazon two years ago for just under a billion dollars.

Over the last few years Bernadette has dedicated herself to the evolution of an authentic and spiritual approach to her life, one she now integrates seamlessly into her career in the tech world. She firmly believes in the power of positive thinking and the importance of savouring every moment you experience in life.

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★ I have explored practical methods to achieve this drawing on my fascination with the way science and spirituality interrelate to create a new way of approaching life!
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So Well-Connected Through Social Media, yet So Lonely?

Do you ever think as if you are virtually in touch with the whole world through social media, but still get that lonely feeling? Is ‘liking’ all those pictures of friends on Facebook and Instagram, causing more thoughts about missing out and happiness rather than delight? Don’t worry. You’re not the only one going through this.

In this age of social media dominance, where a majority of the population is found texting on their smartphones while walking, talking or driving, it has become a norm to spend a vast majority of the day interacting through an LCD screen with others.
Whether it’s youth trying to keep up with their peers or the older generation staying updated about the current affairs through social networking sites, our entire society is turning into cyber slaves!
Many of us have a habit of checking social media for news and updates about our friends and interests, first thing in the morning and last thing before going to sleep, not to mention the countless quick visits during the day! It’s no doubt an addiction which is considered to be the next biggest health issue on par with obesity and substance abuse.
There is no denying the fact that being surrounded by loved ones brings comfort and peace. However, unfortunately, when the bonding is through social media rather than through physical interaction, it tends to have a somewhat negative influence.
By increasing the number of Facebook friends and Twitter and Instagram followers, we are losing out on real and meaningful friendships. Eric Klinenberg, a sociologist, rightly pointed out that it’s the quality of social interactions, not the quantity that defines loneliness.
A shocking fact revealed by a recent study is that loneliness increases mortality risk by 26%. Regrettably, this is the direction our society is headed in. Without maintaining a healthy balance, the fun and enjoyment in our lives would be anything but that.
One of the major factors contributing to the loneliness social media has brought into our lives, is that people tend to share only the positives in their lives with others. Statuses about new jobs and new houses, check-in’s to fancy restaurants and holiday selfies, urge others to also post about their happy lives. All this is done under the social pressure to keep up with the rest. It’s a vicious cycle. The problem starts when we compare our behind-the-screen life with that of others’ oh-so-perfect life portrayed through social media. There are no genuine shared experienced which are important to build real friendships. But with the absence of anything vulnerable, social media users tend to get more isolated rather than getting connected.
To see the effect of social media’s influence in our lives, several studies have been done, each showing a different result, nevertheless very similar to the rest. One of the studies carried out by the University of Pittsburgh questioned 1,787 people between the ages of 19 and 32 about their use of popular social media sites. The results revealed that people who visited these sites more than 58 times a week were three times more likely to feel lonely compared to those who visited them less than nine times a week. Technology, use it wisely! 
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★ I have explored practical methods to achieve this drawing on my fascination with the way science and spirituality interrelate to create a new way of approaching life!